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Workshop Hosts


  • Oxfam LAC: Oxfam works in 86 countries to improve people’s lives and livelihoods, reducing social and economic inequalities,with offices in 13 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean: []

    Climate Action Network LAC: A network of non-governmental organizations committed to fighting the impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean, from a science-based approach and with an emphasis on climate justice and respect for Human Rights: []

  • People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA): Formed early in the COVID-19 pandemic, PVA is a coalition of over 100 organizations and networks, supported by Nobel Laureates, health experts, economists, Heads of States, faith leaders and activists, working together for global access to vaccines, tests, and treatments, and a fairer response to future health crises: []

    Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM): UAEM are an international student movement aiming to combat the access to medicines crisis through organizing and campaigning on university campuses. During COVID-19 they ran the Free the Vaccine Campaign: []

  • An initiative of the Solón Foundation that seeks to inform, analyze and debate the problem of Climate Change and its link with current “development” models, infrastructure, energy, production and consumption patterns: []

  • A non-profit made up of professionals from various disciplines who have come together to address climate change through awareness raising and the implementation of adaptation projects and mitigation of greenhouse gasses, with a socio-economic lens:  []

  • Initiative for Medicines, Access, and Knowledge (I-MAK): Veterans of the global access to medicines movement for nearly 20 years, I-MAK wins cases that fight back against unjust patent monopolies and lower the high cost of medicines, saving health systems over $2 billion: []

    Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF): Provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. MSF’s Access Campaign brings down barriers that keep people from getting the treatment they need to stay alive and healthy: [ or]

    Just Treatment (UK): JT started in 2017, with the aim of building a powerful, patient-led campaign to take on the big pharmaceutical companies that exploit the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and price medicines so high that the people who need them cannot access them. Their current campaign is directed at Vertex for affordable and universal CF treatment access: []

    Public Citizen: Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that champions the public interest in the halls of power. They defend democracy, resist corporate power, and fight to ensure that the US government works for the people – not big corporations: []

    Third World Network (TWN): TWN is an independent non-profit international research and advocacy organization involved in issues relating to development, developing countries and North-South affairs. TWN works to advance Global South interests at international fora and UN agencies like WHO, WIPO, WTO, FAO, the World Bank and IMF:  []

  • C4AA helps organizations and people use their creativity and culture to effect power. C4AA identified the fields of culture, art and creativity as key to social justice work because these elements create opportunities for people marginalized from other spheres of influence such as law, politics and business to use their own unique perspectives to gain power, representation and real political change. For more than a decade, through innovative research and providing free resources C4AA has helped build, sustain, and develop the field of artistic activism: []